One of the major problems when eliminating weeds is the accuracy with which you need to operate in a specific area without encroaching on the surrounding terrain with the product which could be harmful.

Fornasier Cesare & C. has designed and produces this hood which performs the task described above very effectively. The hood, which is made of stainless steel, can be adjusted with ease both in height and in width and is fitted with special brushes which make it possible to work close to the ground and prevent the weed killer from spreading to the surrounding terrain.




Three-row frame with vertically positioned independent weed control hoods.




View of the underside of the weed control hood showing the two spray nozzles and the brushes laid out in two rows which allow the hood to be made bigger or smaller to achieve the optimal size.


A frame with yellow hoods, each fitted with a single spray nozzle, is also available. In this version, the hoods are made of plastic and fixed to an arched frame which is automatically aligned to the row be means of mechanical guides. The hoods can be adjusted in width, height and angulation in order to cover the surface to be treated in the best possible way. If attached to the front of a mini-tractor without a three-point linkage, the frame has an independent vertical hoist which can be quickly detached.