The grafting machines, Omega Star and Omega Uno, the evolution of traditional cutters, are machines that cut and form the now classic omega graft which takes its name from the shape of the Greek letter, omega. The machines guarantee a perfect graft union.

In the Omega Uno, the scion is placed on the right side and the rootstock on the left, one press of the pedal and the graft is completed!

The Omega Star performs the operation in two steps by first making a cut in the scion and then inserting the graft material.

Graft counter


Produced by Fornasier Cesare & C., this grafting table meets specific requirements that have been studied during the working years. Not only is it built to an optimal size (width 108 cm, height 75 cm, depth 60 cm), the table weighs 40 kg which means it is exceptionally stable and allows the necessary pressure to perform the graft to be applied without the risk of vibrations or the table itself moving.

The support feet can be easily adjusted to position the table on a level if the ground is uneven.

Features of the work bench: the grafting machine is attached to the central part while the rootstock tray can be seen on the left-hand side and the area for the scion on the right. The front part of the table is totally clear allowing the operator to move freely.