Once they have put down roots, the new vine cuttings develop quickly and cover the ground below with a thick layer of vegetation.
So, between June and August it is necessary to prune the plant to improve the microclimate and expose the ground to the sun’s rays.
As a result, Fornasier Cesare & C. has developed a complete line of trimmers divided into three groups: Roller Trimmers, Rapid-Cut Trimmers and Lateral Trimmers.


The Roller Trimmer, as the name suggests, consists of a pair of rollers which rotate hydraulically and pull the shoots up to the adjustable level of a six-blade cutting disc. The counter-blade stops the shoots from being frayed. The material that has been cut falls directly onto the ground.

The trimmer comes in versions with one, two, three or four rows fitted to the front or the back of the tractor with an independent hydraulic system or rapid attachment device.

Particolare gruppo taglio

Detail of the cutting disc.

Front-mounted, four-row trimmer and closure system.


The Rapid-Cut Trimmer consists of a pair of metal runners which carries the shoots toward a large diameter blade with four cutters. The cutting blade also has fins to create air suction which lifts the shoots and expels the cut material upwards.

The Rapid-Cut Trimmer comes in a version with one, two, three or four rows for rear attachment to the tractor, with either mechanical or hydraulic transmission.

Detail of the cutting disc.


The Lateral Trimmer performs a vertical and horizontal cut to the plant at the same time. Two vertical cutting blades, adjustable in height and width and fixed to a frame that can be angled and is self-aligning by means of mechanical guides, make vertical cuts on the side of the plant. Horizontal cuts, on the other hand, are made by a third blade with three or four cutters which can be adjusted in height.

The Lateral Trimmer comes in a version with one, two, three or four rows, fixed to the front or back of the tractor, with independent hydraulic systems or a rapid attachment device.

One-row Lateral Trimmer

Two-row Lateral Trimmer

Three-row Lateral Trimmer

Four-row Lateral Trimmer and closure system.

Particolare dei dischi di taglio

Detail of the cutting discs