Fornasier Cesare & C. waxing machines use a direct rapid heating method without water or oil which can be dangerous at high temperatures.

This method uses special low voltage electrical heaters designed and built specifically for our series of waxing machines. They are placed externally on the side walls and the bottom of the tank which is then heated evenly and directly. The electronic probes placed inside the tank maintain a constant and accurate temperature which can be easily set by the customer via the control panel.

The waxing machines are based on a modular system to allow a low initial investment and to add gradually bigger tanks over time. The tanks vary in size from 50 kg up to a maximum of 600 kg. The machine is made from stainless steel and aluminium which makes it strong and long-lasting with significantly less maintenance requirements compared to traditional water and oil waxing machines.



The advantages of the HECO series are:

• 50% lower energy consumption compared to traditional systems

• wax melting time 50% lower compared to traditional systems to go from a solid state, at about +10°C, to a liquid state, at about +85°C

• excellent control of wax temperature, ± 0,3°C

• safe waxing process

• simple to use

• modular waxing machine

• complete line of HECO waxing machines to satisfy all needs

• low maintenance




The HECO series includes a wide choice of models and configurations. Some listed here.

Please contact us so we can assess your specific needs and recommend the best solution for you.