In October when harvest is approaching, the leaves and a part of the shoots need to be removed.

So, Fornasier Cesare & C. have developed the Leaf Stripper Trimmer.

This is a robust, fast machine consisting of rollers with a hydraulic transmission, fitted with special rubber flails and horizontal cutting discs. The rollers have two functions: to remove the leaves and lift the shoots toward the cutting discs which then cut and split them into several parts.


One-row Leaf Stripper Trimmer

The Leaf Stripper Trimmer is also available minus the trimmer.

The advantages of the Leaf Stripper Trimmer are:


• no risk of disease due to leaf rot when stored on-site

• reduced load volume

• larger, more compact bundles when using an automatic binding device attached to the plough

• easier-to-use, reduced handling time during the sorting phase

The Leaf Stripper Trimmer is available in versions with one or two rows for rear mounting on the tractor, with an independent hydraulic system.

Detail of the rubber flails and cutting discs.