Nowadays, the Fornasier Cesare & C. film laying machines can cater for large-scale application using this technique in many different sectors, from vinegrowing to market gardening. The machine prepares the ground by forming mounds of earth and laying a film of plastic on top. A hydraulic ridge-shaped roller is available on many models which creates perfectly even mounds preventing inner air pockets as well.

The film laying machines are designed for use on single or double rows at customisable distances. Some versions are also pre-configured for use with a hoe, rotary harrow or stone burier. This means eliminating the use of a tractor and one pass on the rows, thus cutting down significantly on intervention time, treading the ground, fuel consumption and labour.




A series of accessories allows you to create the most efficient equipment possible for your new crop:

• apparatus for laying drip pipes

• fast film roll loader

• compost spreader

• film hole punching apparatus

Since there are a large number of configurations, we recommend you contact us to find the best possible solution together.


Fast loader




At the end of the film laying operation, you can proceed with transplanting the grafted plants. This transplanter, designed for hand-planting, facilitates operations, allowing you to work in a sitting position at an adequate height, moving with minimum fatigue and transporting the box of material to be transplanted. The transplanter, constructed in zinc coated steel, has four fixed wheels, adjustable in width and a seat that is adjustable in height.