In the summer, weeding needs to carried out to allow the ground to breathe and eliminate any weeds. Fornasier Cesare & C. in-row weeders are ideal for this job and can work on two or three rows at the same time.

The two models currently available are as follows:

One model uses independent weeding elements where each element moves on a parallelogram-based system with its own wheel which adjusts the depth. These elements are then attached with a three-point linkage to the frame which is specifically raised on the horizontal beam at plant level.



The second model, on the other hand, has fixed elements that are not independent from one another.

The elements in this particular version, however, can be mounted with a ripper on the opposite side of the spring blades. A rotation system allows the devices to be switched quickly and easily. The ripper is used to create a drainage furrow where the ground is particularly compact and in areas where water tends to collect. In this version, the elements are also attached with a three-point linkage which is higher in proximity to the plants.